Shihan Bob Allen

Bob Allen is an 8th Degree (Hachidan) Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. During his Karate career, Bob has taught thousands of students. Many of these became National Champions. He has also coached the University Karate Team at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (formerly Northeast Louisiana University). During the team's entire existence, the team won 9 consecutive National Championships in Men and Women's Team Events (Kata and Kumite).

During his competitive career, Bob competed in the World Championships and the National Championships. He was a 6 time National Champion on the USA Team.

Bob has travelled all over the world attending Karate functions as a World Referee and as Coach of the USA National Team. Currently, he is on the Technical Committee and the Traditional Belt Testing Committee for USA Karate (the governing body of Karate in the United States, affiliated with the USOC and IOC). He is also the founder, President and Chief Instructor of the Traditional Karate Do Federation.


John Becton

John is a Senior Instructor for Bob Allen Dojo. He began his Karate study in 1989 as a member of the University Karate Team at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. During his time with the team, John won 3 Individual National Championships and 3 Collegiate Team National Championships in Men's Team Kata and Men's Team Kumite. In 2013, he won a USA NKF National Championship in the Adult Male Advance Weapons division.

He is currently a 5th Degree (Godan) Black Belt in Shotokan. He is also a National Coach and Judging Official with the USA National Karate Federation. John strongly advocates the teaching philosophy at Bob Allen Dojo of combining discipline with quality instruction. He has 3 children, all of which are black belts in Shotokan and are National competitors themselves.